Bulls Tickets Online

Post contributed by Leonard Phelps

Every year when they announce the NBA schedule I get all hyped up and start going crazy wanting to buy tickets to all the good home games for the Bulls. My wife always goes crazy and says things like, “there are so many other things we could be spending money on right now, Hank.” Let’s be honest she is right. We could all stand to go on a family vacation or to buy new carpet for the downstairs but when those tickets come out something takes over and all self control goes out the window. This year I was at work with access to T1 Chicago so I was able to get even more tickets because the internet there is so fast! Last year I only got tickets to a few games because I was on dial up internet back at the house. That is right, we still have dial up. I am miserly what can I say? Not miserly when it comes to my Bulls though! Got to get all the tickets I can scrape up for next year.