Friday, March 30, 2012

Crazy March

Crazy, but March is almost over. I mean, where did March go?

It's been a tough month for me especially when I found out my siblings are not possible bone marrow donors. Once again, I was thrown into a feeling of isolation and depression, but I have to keep moving and to keep living. As of now, I have medication keeping me stable. The future is yet to be determined, but I'm not going to sit and wait. I will try my hardest to live life as best as I can now.

As far as living is concerned:
  • Kepi, Mom and I attended our first AA and MDS Conference. It was nice to meet people who are facing the challenges of having bone marrow failure diseases like me. I made new friends and even met Andrya, whose blog I've followed throughout her treatment and recovery. I look forward to staying-in-touch with all these new found friends.
  • We made it to the Cherry Blossoms Festival and managed to see the blooms in DC as well as in beautiful Bethesda. I will be posting photos soon.
  • Our trip to Iceland is slowly coming together. I can't wait for May.
  • I've been feeling sleep deprived lately. I think that there's just too much going on - work and school.
  • I made my sixth sale at my Etsy Shop. I guess I need to work harder on promoting my shop.
  • We booked our trip for December. I hope my school schedule won't complicate it.
  • Tonight, we're going to see Shen Yun. We saw this show last year, and it was impressive. I am so excited. Photography is not allowed during the performance, so I borrowed some photos available online.
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  1. i know march is over almost. can you believe that? having something to look forward to not only keeps your mind off your disease, but also makes you happy which makes the body happy and hopefully will cure itself/get better.

    our planned summer trip is falling apart, instead of seeing 2 countries, i think it's becoming only 1. we'll try to salvage that, we'll see. i'm headed to asia this summer while you're going to a very exotic locale.

    take care. i rec'd the easter card. i really appreciate your thoughtfulness.

    1. time is going too fast. it's just like having too many things going on but too little time to spare. we were planning to go to Asia, but it didn't work out. hopefully, next year. take good care.

  2. take care kayni..keep doing what you love doing..:)

  3. Kayni, I wish you wellness. Take care. :)