Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Eastwind Noodle Bar, Atlantic City

Trudging the entirety of the Atlantic City boardwalk could be tiring and hunger inducing. It was about 1 PM when we decided to eat.  We decided to stay away from the usual buffets and since it was windy and chilly to eat outside at that time, we decided to have a sit in lunch. Thus, we found this nice little Asian place called Eastwind Noodle Bar.

Eastwind Noodle Bar is located at the Boardwalk Entrance of Resorts Casino.

Apart from the restaurant, they have a corner bakery that offers hotdog buns, pork buns and more.

Bottomless tea. We drank about three pots of tea while dining there.

Tea and chopsticks.

Kepi ordered the honey glazed pork with steamed rice. This is delicious and comes highly recommended.

Mom ordered the shrimp lo mein. I think I've had better lo mein, but their version is okay. I am not too crazy about it.

I ordered three medium sized pork steam buns. I love these steam buns and they tasted quite close to the Filipino siopao in the Philippines. The only thing missing in these buns are the cheese and hard-boiled eggs. I'd definitely order these steamed buns again.

I would definitely eat here again. Their food is good and the place is clean. Service is fast and friendly. 

Eastwind Noodle Bar
1133 Boardwalk
Atlantic City, NJ 08401
(800) 334-6378


  1. oh, one of the buns reminded me of my favorite "pan de coco" hehehe...

    1. i like pan de coco. there's someone here in md who bakes them fresh. she's a friend of my sister, so i get them for

    2. wow! actually Kayni, one time a agap apa kami ni Lakay and he said something like "this is happening because of you. you did this to yourself." and so i cried.. indeed. it was my choice to come here and now i'm missing tons and tons about back home. ijay pinas, i had the choice of staying there or coming here.. ^^,

  2. when i go to chinese restaurants i can't help but try their noodle dish/es.

  3. An interesting selection of food. It all looks delicious.

  4. I love siopaos! And those in the picture look really good.

  5. Oh yummy siopao! Now I'm craving for some hehehe

  6. Hmmm that honey glazed pork looks so tempting..:D

  7. How many months or maybe years have I not been eating siopao, wala na kasing makitang masarap na siopao.