Authored by Raymond Whitney

Since we upgraded our television package at, my dog has been going nuts. I know that this sounds silly, but he loves to watch television! When I am not in the room and he thinks he can get away with it, I will catch him up on the couch, at eye level with the television. He really looks like he is interested and watching the tv. The funniest is if another dog come on tv. He will start barking like the dog is in the room. I didn’t think that dog’s vision would let them see little things on the tv, but he can see it great. It is hilarious to watch him bark at the tv. That is one way that he busts himself on the couch. Sometimes he will start barking in the living room. When he does, I come running. If he is on the couch I make him get off. I wonder if he will ever realize that he is giving away that is on the couch which is a huge no-no? I’m sure it is only time. He is one pretty smart little beagle!