Thursday, January 24, 2013

Slumping On My Office Chair

All the VPs and Directors have left for AZ for our annual meeting.  The smoke of war has finally started to dissipate.  The office is a mess, but I can finally slump on my chair, breathe and relax until the weekend.

I just wanted to update my blog, and my goal for the time being is to update at least once a week.  Hopefully after grad school, blogging would become a regular gig again.

Here we go:
  • I did not attend President Obama's inauguration, as I can't stand dealing with the crowd. Thank goodness we didn't have to work that day.
  • I have booked my make-up artist for the wedding. I thought I'd need a little sprucing up for the big day.  Next would be the dress...decisions, decisions. Hopefully, that will be decided this weekend. Wedding plans are going well, and the excitement is slowly building up.
  • I am three weeks into spring semester. It is funny how I got so used to the international affairs courses that taking an elective such as Biblical interpretation is posing a real threat for me. Perhaps I need to get back into my humanities roots.
  • Next month, we will start looking for a new house; I am very excited. I feel sad letting go of Pinky, but I guess it's time to open another chapter in our book.
  • This year, we don't plan on traveling much.  We have to allot time for house hunting and the moving. Oh gosh, yes the moving. With a new house, we need to re-assess our financial needs.  We also need to keep our credit scores high and clean. I am still hoping to sneak in a short trip here and there but nothing too expensive or extravagant.
  • It seems that with the wintry weather here, I keep dreaming of  the beach and sun. I've been drooling over the idea of going to Costa Rica, Virgin Islands or the Bahamas.
Ok, it's lunch time, so I'd better cease slumping on my chair and go get some food.


  1. i like your posts like this, kayni. like quick life updates, it tells me how you are doing. and i am glad that you are excited and well. :)

    1. I tend to write like this when I'm not so overwhelmed with work and school :). I get my down times, and I'm glad you read those too. Venting really helps.

  2. wow, exciting times, wedding preps and house hunting. i loved my house hunting experience, it was long 1.5 years, but it was such a joyful experience. i didn't want it to end.

    if you want i can tell you about the travel company we used for costa rica - the hotels are superb; excellent for honeymooners, in fact we found many honeymooners in one stop :)

    we're not travelling this year either. we have a "project" to do.

    1. Oh yes, I'd love to get information on Costa Rica. I'd like to go there (wink, wink). Maybe I could haul Kepi to travel just a for a week

      We're so excited and a bit overwhelmed, but things are working out.

  3. Wow lots of wonderful things going on in your life. It sounds like you're really busy - which is good.

  4. So excited for you and your wedding!!! :D When is the big day again?

  5. Happy happy for you Karen ♥