Friday, May 10, 2013

Summer Break

Spring has sprung, school is out and I am back.

I am officially on summer break, but it seems that the summer months will be proven busy.  I will be blogging more the next few months, but my posts will be a bit sporadic as the clock has started for us to search for a new home; I'm very excited.

Here's a bulleted update from me:
  • Spring semester was a bit troubling. I had a professor who barely spoke English and had the tendency to gloat all about his international/political feats during his lectures. I'm afraid to get my grade on this one; I did give him the lowest evaluation ever. I hope the dean would do something about him. Although I doubt it, as he told us in class that "[he] is an institution". Blah, as if I care. It bothers me that Georgetown allows him to teach there.
  • Pinky is now on the market; we've been doing a lot of renovations and I think it's time to let her go. I feel sad that I'll be leaving my first home soon. I hope the next owners will look after her and keep her in great condition. We're now in the midst of finding our new home; I am excited.
  • My wedding was beautiful, and I'm not just saying it because it's my wedding.  We were blessed because all we've prayed for came true: (1) it was a typical spring day - not too hot and not too cold; (2) no rain; (3) the tulips were in full bloom; and, (4) friends and family came. It was an indescribable moment for me; there was a mixture of excitement and stress but in the end, everything came together as it should be. This is one event I'd like to experience only once.
  • NIH decided to take me off my treatment due to a growth on my left leg. My doctors think my treatment is causing the growth. My leg is under observation at the moment, so I'm not sure what are the next steps. Right now, I don't want to think about my health concerns. I'll let my doctors worry about that.
  • I've started to cut off the people that are negative in my life. I have no use for their toxic energy. As I went through health and other types of crises, I came to recognize who are my real friends and they're not usually family. Sad but true.
  • I'm excited for our long weekend trip to Niagara Falls. This time the parents will be with us. It will be their first time to see the place.
I hope to catch up on everyone's blog.


  1. Congratulations on your wedding. Where's the honeymoon?

    House hunting is fun, I loved it. Hope you find house hunting more relaxing than it is stressful, like most people think it is.

    Enjoy being a married woman.

    1. Hi Photo Cache, Thank you, and I will. No honeymoon this year as we're saving for the house. I'm very excited.

  2. bullet # 3-- congratulations. stay in love and happy
    bullet # 5 -- congrats for having/recognizing who really your real friends are :-)

  3. welcome back Kayni :) Congratulations on your beautiful wedding! May is definitely the best time to get hitched! wink wink :P

  4. Oh, wow! I've been away for too long but I'm happy to know you're now married. Congratulations and best wishes to you both. :) It's another journey I'm sure you're too excited to take. And good luck on you house-hunting!


    It'll be nice to get at least a little glimpse on your wedding. (But I'm asking for too much.) :p

  5. i'm curious about your professor. Ano bang lahi niya?

    Congratulations on your wedding, too. :D