Monday, December 9, 2013

Mosque-Cathedral Of Cordoba, Spain

We were supposed to visit the Rock of Gibraltar, but we were so glad we went to see the Mosque-Cathedral of Cordoba, also called the Mezquita or the Great Mosque of Cordoba, instead. This place is a historical marvel and a real treasure for the people of Andalusia. A must see for history lovers and for anyone who visits Cordoba. The Mezquita is a medieval Islamic mosque and was later converted to a Catholic cathedral.

What was amazing in this structure is that, a Christian cathedral was built in the middle of it, and surrounding the cathedral is the presence of Moorish architecture and beauty. Christianity and Islam occupying one space.

 Imagine standing underneath these beautiful columns that withstood time and history. For me it was a historic moment.

Through the pages of history, we find out that a Cathedral was built right in the center of the mosque.

 The cathedral is quite impressive in design.

  Lavish in decoration.

 We also explored the villages surrounding the Mezquita. This area is in the La Juderia or Jewish Quarter. I love these hanging potted plants on the wall.

 A garden and fountains outside the Mezquita.

 A building with windows adorned with moorish design and architecture.

 Facade of the Mezquita.

 The tower entrance to the Mezquita.

 The beautiful halls of the Mezquita.

 According to our guide, there are more than 856 columns of jasperonyxmarble, and granite.

My travel buddy and husband, Kepi.

 The famous alternating red and white voussoirs of the arches were inspired by those in the Dome of the Rock.

 Inscription on one of the columns.

 If you walk around the Mezquita, you'll find these signatures on some of the columns. Our tour leader said that they belong to those who built the columns.

Facade outside the Mezquita.

 This is the mihrab, which is part of the masqura or prayer room for the ruler. The mihrab faces the direction of Mecca.

 I think this is the ceiling in the maqsura or prayer space reserved for the ruler. It looks a-m-a-z-i-n-g!

This is the ceiling in the cathedral.

A UNESCO world heritage site and definitely a must see if you're in Spain!


  1. A cathedral built inside a mosque now that's the first time I've heard of such a setup. Thanks for the historic information and as always your photos do justice to the magnificent architecture of these massive edifices! :D

    1. It was first time for us too. It was so intriguing and it was a beautiful trip.

  2. That ceiling, it's so rich in design. Must be overwhelming seeing it in person. :)

  3. oh kayni THIS is the trip for me. i love the mosque, the design of the buildings and the many fantabulous details. ohemgee.....i have got to start looking for deals :)

    btw, i rec'd the christmas card, thanks.

    1. I highly recommend this trip. You're welcome on the card :).