Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Pastries I Enjoyed In Seville

This post is about the daily freshly baked pastries we enjoyed while visiting Seville. As I have written in the past, I always follow my taste buds when I travel. I also tend to plan my trips around food. Food is a great GPS.

 These pastries are from the local bakery we frequented while we were in Seville. They're topped with caramelized sugar.

When traveling, I tend to get excited with three things - cuisine, baked goods and sweets.

Every single pastry was an object of curiosity. The shop owner was amused with me taking photos and he was very accommodating and let me roam around the bakery to snap photos.

The beauty of a rustic bread. While taking photos, I wondered how this and that bread was made, what are the ingredients and who would be the lucky person taking them home today.

 I love how the shop owner wrapped our pastries in paper then tied a ribbon for easy carrying. He does this for every customer. It's like bringing home a gift every time we visited his shop.

 Topped with caramelized sugar and sprinkled with almonds. This reminded me of Puerto Rico's pan de mallorca except the caramelized sugar and nuts.

The taste is so similar to a Monay, a Filipino pastry. It's dense and perfect for my morning cup of coffee and milk.

For me, Seville brought the quiet and comfort I was looking for in a vacation. There wasn't a lot of tourists when we visited. We didn't miss the crowd and noise of Barcelona. Although at times, the cathedral would chime every hour, there was real quiet in between. We walked and felt welcomed everywhere. People in Seville were a lot nicer and unassuming. They were hospitable and real.


  1. I can't wait to visit Seville and Granada. I don't know when it will happen but I know I need to go there.

    1. Granada was on my list for years, and it was great to finally see it last year. I hope you'll get to see it too. I'm sure you'll love the place.

  2. there is so much to see, experience and enjoy in spain. i wanna go back there and i've been starting to write down the places i want to visit.

    1. Yes. This is the second time I've visited and two weeks is not enough. We'd love to go back and see the other places we've missed.

  3. Yummy treats! A bit too sweet though for my taste but delectable for the eyes to feast on! :D