Friday, December 13, 2013

Waiting For Christmas

Then the Grinch thought of something he hadn't before! What if Christmas, he thought, doesn't come from a store. What if Christmas...perhaps...means a little bit more! (Dr. Seuss)

I thought I'd be spending the holidays getting chemo, but thank God I spent Thanksgiving with family in Atlantic City and will be spending Christmas at home with my husband and parents.  When my doctor said we'd have to move my bone-marrow transplant to January, I was a bit disappointed but then I also felt happy that I could still spend our first Christmas at our new home and still get to decorate and prepare for Christmas.

The Christmas Tree was the first that went up, as we thought we'd decorate early due to my unpredictable schedule. We got a new 6.5 feet tree this time. We still have my smaller tree that we used for the past 5 Christmases, but we might donate that to a thrift shop soon.

Our Christmas Tree this year.

This is our decoration on the fireplace.

Each ornament, except the edible chocolates and round ornaments, represents a country we visited or an event in our lives.

Peace candles and the Nativity Scene.

 Our red "Parol" or Filipino Christmas Lantern.

 The red one is facing the entrance street. I feel so happy whenever we light them up at night.

 This is the gold colored Parol.

 I love this gold color and I'm thinking of getting a silver one too.

 We got this from one of the Christmas Tree shops in the neighborhood. It's made of real pine branches, pine cones and holly. It's quite heavy - about 3 lbs.

 It smells really good and it's a welcoming sight to anyone who comes to the door.

Although I don't feel well these days, Christmas has been a great diversion to my upcoming treatment. It's tough not to get negative thoughts at times, but I'm glad that I have a supportive husband and a family whose love is overwhelming.

With the decorations and the lights, let's not forget that Christmas is all about the birth of our Savior Jesus Christ.


  1. Happy early Christmas. K where did you get the parols? I wanted to get one, but they're all sold out here. I was told go online, but then I want to see it before I buy it. Yours are very nice. I want one or two of those.

    Plus the idea that that you decorate the tree with reminders of your trip is brilliant. I wish we thought of that, except we never get anything but ref magnet for souvenirs.

    1. Photo Cache, The parols are from Ikea. I was told to go online too, but the Capiz parols were prices at $300 and up plus shipping. I told my husband we're going back to get two more parols. These parols are for indoor use as they're made of cardboard but they're beautiful and it will be used for a while as long as you take care of them. I think they're pretty too.

  2. Your tree and decorations are beautiful. I hope you will enjoy Christmas and will start to feel stronger too. We too like to buy a Christmas decoration from each place we visit. They bring back so many memories.