Friday, November 29, 2019

A Weekend Getaway at Piney Point, MD

A couple of weeks ago, Kepi and I drove to Piney Point for a weekend getaway. The weekend trip was my gift for his birthday. Although it was a bit windy and cold out there, it felt good to unplug and getaway from our routine.

Piney Point lighthouse and lighthouse keeper's house.

Seagull at the boardwalk.

Birthday boy enjoying the view.

Our hotel had a nice view of the Patuxent River.

The boardwalk at Solomon's Island.

Piney Point lighthouse at sunset.

Kepi and I waited for the sunset. It was beautiful!

For our Thanksgiving, we chose to keep it no fuss, quiet and simple. We opted to have dinner at a restaurant and enjoyed a sumptuous buffet serving of turkey, beef and ham. It wasn't great, but it was good. We may not go back to that restaurant next year.

It is Black Friday, and yes, I've done a bit of shopping today. It is mostly for the house and simple gifts to family and friends.

Next weekend, I will be hosting a small lunch with my high school classmates and friends. I still need to get things ready and set things up, but I am very excited to spend time with my friends. We're all so busy throughout the year that we barely have time to see each other. The Christmas season seems to bring us together. I think that's what this season is all about.


  1. Your photos are beautiful. - especially the one of the sunset.

  2. Wow such a serene place. I believe that sunsets in any part of the world has such a calming effect on anybody watching it. The sun in all its majesty saying good bye for the day.

    1. I agree. It's beautiful to think that when we see sunset here, the other half of the world gets to see sunrise as well.