Friday, November 8, 2019

Where Are You Christmas?

Where are you Christmas?

It seems a long time ago that I'd feel complete exuberance as soon as September first arrives. The -ber months would usher that Christmas feeling and warmth. If I'm not mistaken, I lost that feeling about six years ago. To those who are not familiar with my story, I was very sick for a long time and started my bone-marrow transplant journey during the holidays of 2013. Imagine getting an infusion on New Year's Day. My transplant was followed by years of being sick and recovery, then my husband's ordeal with three brain tumor related surgeries. Ever since, I am struggling to find that Christmas feeling, and I do miss it.

Just a few samples of the Christmas cards I have at the moment.
One project I do annually to get into the holiday spirit is send Christmas cards to family and friends. It's my way of spreading Christmas cheer. Although the Christmas cheer is elusive to me at the moment, I do hope that these cards may bring smile and happiness to all recipients.

I really love these Christmas Tree cards.
I've also started playing Christmas carols at home and at work. My coworkers tease me that it's too early to be playing these songs, but I just laugh them off. Nothing beats listening to those familiar Christmas carols I grew up with.

Here's Dizzy keeping me company while I sort and write Christmas cards.
In addition, I'm already planning how to decorate the house, and I have started my Christmas gift list. My gift list has little shopping involved as I mostly bake cookies, pastries and breads for family and friends. Baking makes the house smell heavenly, so that's a perk too.

How do you get into the Christmas spirit?


  1. This proves you are Filipino, indeed. :) September steps in and you hear Jose Mari Chan singing his famous Christmas song. :D Me? That irritates me but simply because I have yet to celebrate my birth month - October.

    We usually go abroad for the holidays so I don't decorate our house at all. This year we are staying so I need to dust off my very few Christmas decors and try to decorate, somehow. I hear the occasional Christmas carols on the radio while the hubby drives.

    But right now on this Saturday afternoon, I am listening to Adele's beautiful voice on YouTube. Life is good, I ain't complaining.

    Yes your Christmas card in the mail does make me smile. Thanks in advance! ;)

  2. I'm going to put out the tree next week. I'm excited as well.

    1. I've already planned where to put the Christmas Tree this year. Kepi and I will put it up after Thanksgiving.