Sunday, May 31, 2020

Belize Is Unbelizable!

Last week, work has been busy, so I didn't have much time to visit blogs. My office is preparing for a board meeting, so we're all at our wits end trying to prepare for this three hour meeting. I am hoping things will get back to normal after this week.

Today, let us to travel to Belize.


We traveled to Belize in the late spring of 2016. At this time of year, Belize felt stifling hot. It gets worse when you hike into the rainforest. The dense humid air can make your legs feel like a ton. It didn't help that I came down with a sinus infection during this trip. I wanted to see so much of Belize but the sinus infection was egging me to sleep and stay in bed. I pushed on anyway armed with a bag full of tissues, Tylenol, and water.

When we joined a tour to see the Lamanai Archaeological Reserve, I gave a big sigh of relief when I saw that we were taking a boat ride to reach the site. The boat ride to Lamanai was rather scenic but more importantly, the breeze felt cooling and refreshing as our boat snaked it's way through New River. 

We saw different species of birds, a baby caiman, a sleeping sloth, and several howling monkeys on the trees, but with my headache and sinus infection progressing, I was contented with closing my eyes, sat facing upstream, relished the refreshing breeze through my hair and the occasional cooling splash of water on my face.

We passed through this man showing off his catch for the day.

The Mask Temple

After chemo, it was hard to grow back my hair, so I kept it short for a long time.

The Jaguar Temple

Jaguar Temple

View at the top of the temple.

After the tour, I was exhausted. This is where we had lunch and where I finally surrendered to a cold bottle of cola. It's quite interesting how a cold bottle of drink can be so refreshing to a sick soul especially on of those hot, humid days.

Cheers to more adventures!


  1. What beautiful photos of a beautiful place. The hot and humid weather would have been real hard to deal with. It's the wors weather to be in. Glad you finished your tour, it looks like a wonderful place to visit and explore. Good luck with work this week, hope it works well for you. Take care and stay safe.

    1. Hi Bill, It's a beautiful and impressive place to visit. I really enjoyed being there except for the humidity combined with my sinusitis.

      Thanks. Hoping to survive this work week. Stay safe.

  2. Now that would be a very interesting place to visit, I love the giant statues.

    1. It's a lovely place to visit. It's the giant statues that really enticed me to visit this place.

  3. Thank you for the wonderful virtual tour! Beautiful photo essay.

  4. From my Brunei to your Belize! Two countries starting with B and two countries not very famous to everybody! These beautiful photos Kayni, oh my! Now I just wanna be there in the jungle and experience what's a great reminders of their lost civilization! Thank you for sharing them to us!

    Ate ingat po kayo sa pagbalik sa work. Kami naman maswerte at payag pa yung company ng work from home hangang end ng June. Please stay safe and always pray!

  5. Hello, Kayni! High humidity really sack our energy. I know it well as my summer is so hot and humid. I’m glad to know your toils were rewarding with such nice historical sites and cool refreshing drink. Take care.


  6. Belize looks like a beautiful place but I have developed a dislike to places that are overly hot and humid.

  7. It is always humid here so I believe I will survive humidity while traveling. Maybe not LOL Because when we went to Pagudpud in May 208, it was so sticky and hot, I must have lost my own weight in sweat and maybe even more. :D

    Thanks for showing us Belize, I wasn't aware it had ruins, so wonderful.

  8. My experience with Belize (Oct) is that it was not too hot nor humid so it was perfect. WE did a little trekking in the woods through a river. I wish I had seen more of the city though.